Hi There,
     I'm Heather!

       I'm here to help busy women and  mothers reclaim their health (and their children's health) through the power of fitness and healthy eating, in a fun & exciting way!
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Want to have some fun? Come out and meet me at my next LIVE event. Get inspired and motivated to further your health.

As an educator and coach, I love sharing knowledge. Take a peek at my programs and services offered.

-Health Coach Heather
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1:1 Coaching Calls
Need support? Let's get on a call together! We'll go over your health history + plan some goals that will inspire and motivate you to move into action with confidence.
5-day Family Reset
Help reset your families palate, reduce cravings, gain energy & feel amazing with my 5-day family reset.

Women's Group Coaching
Come learn how to master your emotions to change the result in your life! In this 8 week program, we'll focus on mental and emotional health.

"I had a call today with Heather and she is amazing. In the course of one call, she helped me define a plan to help me help myself in several areas of my life. She has a innate ability to hone in on areas that need attention, and has pragmatic suggestions that can be put into action right away. Thanks Heather!" -Amy Sword-Ruffin
Healthy Snack Tray's

Looking for healthier ideas for snacks? Weather you're feeding your children or feeding yourself, switching to whole foods vs. packaged snacks will make a big difference in your health and the health of your family!
Healthy School Lunches

Hot lunch at school is overly processed and unhealthy for your child. Try making fresh, delicious lunches at home for yourself and your child. Here are some ideas.
Healthy Video Recipes

Need some fun ideas for feeding your family delicious, healthy, and satisfying meals? Check out my video library to learn more about my traditional style of eating on my YouTube channel.

"I have struggled in life with so many of the same issues  as many other women but I found Heather!   Heather helps me recognize my successes and helps me understand my setbacks or what I like to call my self sabotage.   She has helped me see that it's not only ok to put myself first but it's necessary, to live a more fulfilled life & to be able to be there for my family.

The clarity I get after each call is what I've needed for years.  Each time I tried to put my health first, life came at me and I began to resort to old habits.  Through her coaching, I'm sleeping better which helps me to be a better person all around.  I have found peace in many hard situations and stayed focused on my goals.
THANK YOU Health coach Heather ♥️" -Mindy Terry
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